AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-14Revert "Travis-CI: Add release target to test script"devJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-14Travis-CI: Temporarily disable clang during Coverity Scan runJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-14Travis-CI: Add release target to test scriptJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-14Minor, refactor release targetJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-14Update ChangeLog and bump version for upcoming v3.1 releaseJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-14Fix #7: Support for supervisor scriptJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-14Minor, rename script_exec() --> checker_exec()Joachim Nilsson
2018-05-14supervisor: Force reset also on failed kick and unsubscribeJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13watchdogctl: Change err() --> errx(), don't append errno stringJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13watchdogctl: Refactor and extend 'fail' command with more causesJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13Minor, whitespace and error message changesJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13Do not force reset on missing PID to 'failed' commandJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13watchdogctl.1: Document new options and 'failed' commandJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13watchdogctl: Add new command 'failed', to store reset causeJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13watchdogctl: Add `-p PID` option to support reset as PIDJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13watchdogctl: Improve error message for invalid reset timeoutJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-13Follow-up to #5: Rename field --> Reset date, and re-orderJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-12Fix #5: Add recorded time of reset to reset cause fileJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-10Fix #4: Add warning if .conf file cannot be foundJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-10Fix #6: Increase length of supervised process label/nameJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-10Fix #11: Only reopen WDT on wdt_enable(1), skip init done at startJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-10Warn if WDT/driver does not support WDIOF_MAGICCLOSEJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-10Add DEBUG() messages for enable/disable state transitionsJoachim Nilsson
2018-02-27conf.c: Never default a checker/monitor criticial/reboot levelJoachim Nilsson
2018-02-10Bump version for v3.0 release3.0Joachim Nilsson
2018-02-10Travis-CI: Set PKG_CONFIG_PATH for distcheck buildJoachim Nilsson
2018-02-10Travis-CI: Run distcheck to verify release tarballJoachim Nilsson
2018-02-10Enforce distcheck in release target to verify tarballJoachim Nilsson
2018-02-10Add missing files to distributionJoachim Nilsson
2018-02-10Update ChangeLog for v3.0 releaseJoachim Nilsson
2018-02-10Update .gitignore, generated files for libwdog*Joachim Nilsson
2018-02-10debian: Split package in watchdogd, libwdog, and libwdog-devJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10watchdogd.8: Mention watchdogd.conf man page and new reload commandJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10watchdogctl.1: Mention watchdogd.conf and its man pageJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10Update systemd unit file, new man page, fewer command line optsJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10Update ChangeLog (draft) for upcoming v3.0 releaseJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10Add man page for watchdogd.conf settingsJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10Update defaults and add per-monitor script setting to .conf sampleJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10Update, simplify and cleanupJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10Revert "Travis-CI: Disable clang build for Coverity runs"Joachim Nilsson
2018-01-10Minor updatesJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-10Add watchdogctl debug, handy to toggle daemon debug logsJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-09Fix segfault if no global script in .conf fileJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-09Travis-CI: Disable clang build for Coverity runsJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-09Clean out and clean up TODO, all remaining tasks for v3.0 doneJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-09Add support for per-monitor/checker script to .conf fileJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-09Update man page, new command reloadJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-09Refactor, rename reboot --> reset, everywhereJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-09Turns out all checkers/monitors already log to syslog before rebootJoachim Nilsson
2018-01-09Perform forced/controlled reset using Finit insteadJoachim Nilsson