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masterAdd basic .gitignoreJoachim Nilsson5 years
1.0.1commit 8ab899761a...Joachim Nilsson7 years
1.0.0commit 910c453c27...Joachim Nilsson11 years
1.0.0-rc1commit 0299730dfe...Joachim Nilsson11 years
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2015-02-01Add basic .gitignoreHEADmasterJoachim Nilsson
2015-01-27Center image and add missing link.Joachim Nilsson
2015-01-27Update README to Markdown and clean it up a bit ...Joachim Nilsson
2015-01-27Rename README --> README.mdJoachim Nilsson
2013-06-09Bump version for minor release v1. Nilsson
2013-06-09Update contact info and server locations.Joachim Nilsson
2009-07-22Official v1.0.0 release, blessed by Simon Huggins! :-)1.0.0Joachim Nilsson
2009-07-22Change version number to match tag name.1.0.0-rc1Joachim Nilsson
2009-07-21Slight change in formatting of copyright strings.Joachim Nilsson
2009-07-21Minor cleanup.Joachim Nilsson