BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
contribution-policyDetail how to contribte most effectively to the SMCRoute projectJoachim Nilsson4 years
devFix #100: Basic support for verifying .conf fileJoachim Nilsson7 months
disable-vifsFix #28: Support for enabling only select interfacesJoachim Nilsson4 years
masterFix #132: cannot add previously deleted IPv6 multicast routesJoachim Nilsson3 months
mcsender-removalFix #30: Remove unmaintained mcsender toolJoachim Nilsson4 years
mgroup-socket-filterFix #26: Add Linux socket filter for routed data from joined groupsJoachim Nilsson4 years
script-actionFollowup to fixes for issue #14 [SQUASHME]Joachim Nilsson4 years
script-on-dyn-addFix issue #14: Add support for executing a script on reload/installJoachim Nilsson4 years
ttl-thresholdFix #32: Add ttl-threshold for outbound interfacesJoachim Nilsson4 years
2.4.4commit a8e5847e5f...Joachim Nilsson8 months
2.4.3commit a95cec94b4...Joachim Nilsson11 months
2.4.2commit fcc75dba58...Joachim Nilsson13 months
2.4.1commit 72051311fa...Joachim Nilsson16 months
2.4.0commit ec5aa5fcb7...Joachim Nilsson20 months
2.3.1commit eb8731a819...Joachim Nilsson2 years
2.3.0commit bb427a9cb1...Joachim Nilsson2 years
2.2.2commit f2fc58e052...Joachim Nilsson3 years
2.2.1commit 9315c2333e...Joachim Nilsson3 years
2.2.0commit 7afe863ab5...Joachim Nilsson3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-07-18Fix #132: cannot add previously deleted IPv6 multicast routesHEADmasterJoachim Nilsson
2019-07-14Merge pull request #129 from hubertmis/ipv6_wildcardJoachim Nilsson
2019-07-14IPv6 source wildcard initial implementationHubert Miś
2019-06-22Fix segfault if 'show' without argument is givenJoachim Nilsson
2019-06-20Fix missing table heading for 'show groups'Joachim Nilsson
2019-06-20Minor, coding style fixesJoachim Nilsson
2019-06-18Use stack init instead of memset()Joachim Nilsson
2019-06-17Prepare for IPv6 group/len join supportJoachim Nilsson
2019-06-05Refactor, hide IPv4/IPv6 APIs and rename to use _init()/_exit()Joachim Nilsson
2019-06-04Refactor, simplify and overhaul mcgroup.c a lotJoachim Nilsson