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masterFix Makefile dist rule and bump version for v2.3 release.Joachim Nilsson5 years
v2.3commit db665a4303...Joachim Nilsson5 years
v2.3-rc1commit a8202683f5...Joachim Nilsson5 years
v2.0commit cd046092bf...Joachim Nilsson5 years
v2.1commit 80dbbe885b...Joachim Nilsson5 years
v2.2commit 4290f76874...Joachim Nilsson5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-07-29Fix Makefile dist rule and bump version for v2.3 release.HEADv2.3masterJoachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Add basic .gitignoreJoachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Make .o: rule BSD pmake compliant.Joachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Remove GNU MakeismsJoachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Update online help, -h, command usage text.Joachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Correct leading statement in public domain licenseJoachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Update documentation, polish Markdown and roff syntax.Joachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Makefile: Add install/uninstall targets with DESTDIR support.Joachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Convert tool README files to real man pages.Joachim Nilsson
2015-07-29Show TTL value of multicast being sent.Joachim Nilsson