BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devmrouted: Fix DVRMP_INFO_VERSION, found by Coverity ScanJoachim Nilsson3 months
masterRevert "Travis-CI: Disable clang temporarily for Coverity Scan run"Joachim Nilsson3 months
4.0-rc1commit d928c58900...Joachim Nilsson4 months
3.9.8commit 139f1836e4...Joachim Nilsson3 years
3.9.7commit 141b6e78f3...Joachim Nilsson5 years
3.9.6commit d1c413ff94...Joachim Nilsson9 years
3.9.5commit a8945dd7a4...Joachim Nilsson9 years
3.9.4commit dda1ed25ce...Joachim Nilsson10 years
3.9.3commit 4027b035ce...Joachim Nilsson10 years
3.9.2commit b192f82f57...Joachim Nilsson10 years
3.9.1commit 101ba3d2bb...Joachim Nilsson10 years
3.9.0commit eb4a74f1c3...Joachim Nilsson10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-14Revert "Travis-CI: Disable clang temporarily for Coverity Scan run"HEADmasterJoachim Nilsson
2020-03-14mrouted: Fix DVRMP_INFO_VERSION, found by Coverity ScandevJoachim Nilsson
2020-03-14Travis-CI: Disable clang temporarily for Coverity Scan runJoachim Nilsson
2020-03-14mrouted.8: Minor, grammar and styleJoachim Nilsson
2020-03-14mrouted: Remove initial startup delay, allow immediate forwardingJoachim Nilsson
2020-03-14mrouted: Fix memory leak in stop_all_vifs()Joachim Nilsson
2020-03-14mrouted: Refactor, simplify code, collapse nestingJoachim Nilsson
2020-03-14mrouted: Improve cleanup(), free routes/prunes/vifs etc.Joachim Nilsson
2020-03-14mrouted: Add igmp_exit() to prevent memory leak on SIGHUPJoachim Nilsson
2020-03-14mrouted: Reduce alloc()/free() calls in timer queueJoachim Nilsson