BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devman: Initial cleanup and refactor, more work neededJoachim Nilsson7 months
masterUse literal (fixed width) font for mrouted.conf exampleJoachim Nilsson2 months
3.9.8commit 139f1836e4...Joachim Nilsson3 years
3.9.7commit 141b6e78f3...Joachim Nilsson5 years
3.9.6commit d1c413ff94...Joachim Nilsson8 years
3.9.5commit a8945dd7a4...Joachim Nilsson9 years
3.9.4commit dda1ed25ce...Joachim Nilsson9 years
3.9.3commit 4027b035ce...Joachim Nilsson9 years
3.9.2commit b192f82f57...Joachim Nilsson9 years
3.9.1commit 101ba3d2bb...Joachim Nilsson10 years
3.9.0commit eb4a74f1c3...Joachim Nilsson10 years
debian-mrouted-3.9beta3-3commit 4935f79ac9...Joachim Nilsson10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-07Use literal (fixed width) font for mrouted.conf exampleHEADmasterJoachim Nilsson
2019-07-01Links to online man pagesJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-15Support disabling sending of IP Router Alert option in IGMP/DVMRPJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-14Minor, update .conf parser warning messagesJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-14Add support for IP Router Alert on all IGMP/DVMRP messagesJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-14Add missing build dependencyJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-14Refactor, change send/recv buffer type from char to uint8_tJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-12Minor, whitespaceJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-10Fix #30: malformed IGMP v3 general queryJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-08Refactor, replace malloc() + memset() with calloc() where applicableJoachim Nilsson