BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devTravis-CI: Manually generated scan token from the command lineJoachim Nilsson3 months
masterMinor, mention new .conf file supportJoachim Nilsson16 months
v1.4commit f72008b1c5...Joachim Nilsson2 years
v1.3commit 61adf8f64d...Joachim Nilsson4 years
v1.2bcommit ec6bca51c3...Robert Ernst4 years
v1.1commit 7a0739468f...Robert Ernst4 years
v1.0commit 4bfe554873...Robert Ernst4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-09Minor, mention new .conf file supportHEADmasterJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-07conf: Add support for iface-table in mini-snmpd.confJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-07conf: Adapt conf_errfunc() to mini-snmpd, use vsnprintf()Joachim Nilsson
2018-05-07conf: Add support for disk-table in mini-snmpd.confJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-07conf: New function to read string lists, get_list()Joachim Nilsson
2018-05-07Add NELEMS() macro from libiteJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-06Travis-CI: Install libconfuse for building with .conf supportJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-06Add example for how to snmpwalk monitored disksJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-06Clarify defaults in man page and usage textJoachim Nilsson
2018-05-06Update goals for v1.5 releaseJoachim Nilsson