BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devDisable clang temporarily for Coverity Scan runJoachim Nilsson14 months
masterAdjust ulimit, max open files to MAX groups + 10Joachim Nilsson5 weeks
v2.5commit cc517e2c28...Joachim Nilsson3 months
v2.4commit 4125a68520...Joachim Nilsson14 months
v2.3commit 98284482eb...Joachim Nilsson20 months
v2.2commit adc4d84ae9...Joachim Nilsson4 years
v2.1commit a2f43dc57f...Joachim Nilsson4 years
v2.0commit 103257e03b...Joachim Nilsson4 years
v1.5commit 89eef35595...Joachim Nilsson6 years
v1.4commit ba5f52dec5...Magnus Öberg6 years
v1.3commit 115cb74af1...Joachim Nilsson8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-24Adjust ulimit, max open files to MAX groups + 10HEADmasterJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-22Update changelogs and bump version for v2.6 releaseJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-21Increase MAX number of multicast groups: 250 -> 2048Joachim Nilsson
2020-04-04Create FUNDING.ymlJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-04Fix tabbing and extra characters in usage textJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-04Mention where the IPv6 source address comes from in sender modeJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-04Minor, update usage text slightlyJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-04Relocate source files to src/ add aux/ dir and bump versionJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-04Add support for sending with/to IPv6 addressJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-04Relocate logging and debug functions to new log.c and log.hJoachim Nilsson