BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterCheck for "v$(TAG)" in make release hookJoachim Nilsson4 years
v1.0commit 42cde9ae1f...Joachim Nilsson4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-11-19Check for "v$(TAG)" in make release hookHEADv1.0masterJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19example: Fix return value and simplify codeJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19icmp_ping(): Fix check for icmp_recv() return valJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19Update README and bump version for v1.0 releaseJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19example: Add very simple example use of libICMPJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19icmp_send(): payload is optionalJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19icmp.h: netdb.h required for struct addrinfoJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19Minor changesJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19Initial support for Travis-CIJoachim Nilsson
2016-11-19iping: Add -s SIZE for chargen-like payloadJoachim Nilsson