BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cgroup-configBasic support for cpuset cgroup config and process assignmentJoachim Nilsson13 months
devplugins: pidfile: Simplify and clean up developer debug messagesJoachim Nilsson3 months
masterOnly track built-in watchdogd, not external onesJoachim Nilsson4 weeks
3.2-rc3commit 9d9b6b5201...Joachim Nilsson5 weeks
3.2-rc2commit 8379b4927b...Joachim Nilsson7 weeks
3.2-rc1commit 5579ba16b1...Joachim Nilsson20 months
3.1commit 6d41725387...Joachim Nilsson2 years
3.1-rc2commit c616270ccb...Joachim Nilsson2 years
3.1-rc1commit 55479cc511...Joachim Nilsson2 years
3.0commit e4401f92ad...Joachim Nilsson3 years
3.0-rc2commit 83915b42f3...Joachim Nilsson3 years
3.0-rc1commit dd566acfd2...Joachim Nilsson4 years
2.4commit a822a7657c...Joachim Nilsson4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-03Only track built-in watchdogd, not external onesHEADmasterJoachim Nilsson
2020-05-03Track built-in watchdogd immediately after registering itJoachim Nilsson
2020-05-03svc: The 'id' is optional now, lets default it to "" if unsetJoachim Nilsson
2020-05-03plugins: rtc: Move TZ set/unset to rtc plugin from Finit mainJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-26Refactor prepare_tty() & C:o, pass tty aroundJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-26Fix issue with VINTR, VEOF et al not being restored after bootJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-26Ignore ENOENT from realpath(), origin probably movedJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-26Check result of fsck before attempting remounting / read-writeJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-26Follow-up to e16a6ad: cgroups must be initialized after /sysJoachim Nilsson
2020-04-26Default to set TZ=UTC0 for RTC pluginJoachim Nilsson