BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devFix potential memory leak, found by Coverity ScanJoachim Nilsson21 months
masterFollow-up to a4b67d2: Ctrl-L redisplay line when not on empty lineJoachim Nilsson13 months
1.16.0commit 59fa265d91...Joachim Nilsson21 months
1.15.3commit 119db55bf2...Joachim Nilsson3 years
1.15.2commit 2a3575495a...Joachim Nilsson4 years
1.15.1commit 8a40df481b...Joachim Nilsson5 years
1.15.0commit 6ad3cc1df5...Joachim Nilsson5 years
1.14.2commit 85e606d093...Joachim Nilsson6 years
1.14.1commit 7330f21c28...Joachim Nilsson7 years
1.14.0commit 0646b511ab...Joachim Nilsson10 years
1.13.0commit be016e4866...Joachim Nilsson10 years
0.3.0commit 5b27b6ce4f...Joachim Nilsson11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-05Follow-up to a4b67d2: Ctrl-L redisplay line when not on empty lineHEADmasterJoachim Nilsson
2019-05-05Always use enums for el_status_t return valuesJoachim Nilsson
2019-05-05examples: Catch SIGINT instead of mapping Ctrl-C, use default Ctrl-DJoachim Nilsson
2019-05-03Merge branch 'abitmore-patch-1'Joachim Nilsson
2019-05-03Avoid continuously duplicate commands in historyAbit
2019-04-27debian: libeditline1 does not have any shlib deps.Joachim Nilsson
2019-04-27debian: Add missing pkg-cconfig .pc file to -dev packageJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-27Prepare for debian v1.16.1 releaseJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-27Update ChangeLog with latest fixesJoachim Nilsson
2019-04-27Mention jush as another example of EditlineJoachim Nilsson