TroglOS.gitA virtual devboard for evaluating embedded Linux components. Joachim Nilsson4 weeks
advent4.gitClassical Colossal Cave Adventure Joachim Nilsson2 years
awesome-config.gitMy awesome window manager configuration Joachim Nilsson5 months
awesome-switcher.gitA usable Alt-Tab window switcher for the Awesome WM Joachim Nilsson4 days
editline.gitMinix editline: A free readline() for UNIX/Linux that works without ncurses! Joachim Nilsson3 months
finit.gitFast init for Linux systems. Cookies included. Joachim Nilsson4 months
gul.gitThe one true GUL editor! Joachim Nilsson22 months
inadyn.gitSmall DynDNS client with SSL/TLS support. Connects an Internet hostname to your ...Joachim Nilsson3 months
libicmp.gitVery simple library for sending and receiving ICMP datagrams Joachim Nilsson19 months
libite.gitThat missing frog DNA you've been looking for. MIT/X11/ISC/BSD License. Joachim Nilsson6 weeks
libuev.gitSmall and simple event loop. Joachim Nilsson3 weeks
lipify.gitC API for Joachim Nilsson22 months
logrun.gitAn event-based, regexp-triggered, job runner ... Joachim Nilsson15 months
mcjoin.gitTiny multicast testing tool for UNIX Joachim Nilsson14 months
mdnsd.gitJeremie Miller's original mdnsd Joachim Nilsson22 months
merecat.gitMerecat httpd is a simple, small and fast HTTP server Joachim Nilsson3 months
mini-snmpd.gitMini SNMP is a minimal implementation of an SNMP daemon targeted at small or emb...Joachim Nilsson14 days
mrouted.gitAn implementation of DVMRP for Linux & BSD. The first multicast routing protocol...Joachim Nilsson18 months
mtools.gitTools for multicast testing (msend and mreceive) from Nilsson3 years
netcalc.gitSimplified clone of sipcalc with ipcalc looks Joachim Nilsson7 months
ntpclient.gitFork of Larry Doolittle's ntpclient with damon and syslog support. http://doolit...Joachim Nilsson10 months
omping.gitOpen Multicast Ping (omping) is a tool for testing IPv4/IPv6 multicast connectiv...Joachim Nilsson2 years
pimd.gitThe original PIM-SM multicast routing daemon. Joachim Nilsson15 hours
redir.gitA TCP port redirector for UNIX Joachim Nilsson3 months
resume.gitCurriculum Vitae Joachim Nilsson5 months
rfctl.gitLinux driver and control tool for 433 MHz communication on Raspberry Pi Joachim Nilsson7 months
smcroute.gitStatic multicast routing daemon for Linux & BSD. New features: config file suppo...Joachim Nilsson3 days
snake.gitMicro Snake, based on Simon Huggins snake game. Joachim Nilsson3 years
tetris.gitMicro Tetris™, based on the 1989 IOCCC Obfuscated Tetris by John Tromp Joachim Nilsson14 months
toolbox.gitMisc. home brewed code, free to use under GPL/MIT/ISC, see each snippet for lice...Joachim Nilsson8 weeks
ubot.gitVery small and stupid irc bot Joachim Nilsson2 years
uftpd.gitTFTP/FTP server for Linux that just works™ Joachim Nilsson2 weeks
uredir.gitA UDP port redirector for UNIX Joachim Nilsson5 months
watchdogd.gitExtended version of uClinux-dist watchdogd. Monitor loadavg, free file descripto...Joachim Nilsson3 weeks
xplugd.gitMonitor, keyboard, and mouse plug/unplug helper for X Joachim Nilsson5 months